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Track & trace

Once your package has left our warehouse, you can follow its progress via the track & trace service offered by our delivery service, DHL. You will receive the trace & trace code by e-mail after you have placed an order via our webshop. The track & trace code allows you to follow your package’s progress and to see when it will be delivered. That’s useful!

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In our webshop, you can only order spare parts & accessories for our products; they are delivered to your home address.

It is not possible to buy all the products in our product range via our webshop. They are available from shops that sell Princess products.

Delivery charges

We charge extra for the delivery of your order. This charge is not included in the sales prices When returning a product, you must pay the delivery costs yourself. The delivery charges differ per country. The delivery charges are as follows:

The Netherlands€ 3.95
Belgium€ 6.50
Germany€ 6.50
Portugal€ 6.50
Spain€ 6.50
Italy€ 6.50
Scandinavia€ 6.50
United Kingdom£ 5.00
Other countries€ 6.50

Delivery time

For most products, the delivery time is 4-7 working days. The availability of each product is stated, so that you know whether it is in stock or not.
CountryApproximate Delivery Time
Netherlands, Belgium and Germany ~ 3 working days
Spain, Portugal and Italy~ 5-7 working days
United Kingdom and France~ 4-6 working days
other countries~ 7 working days


Once your order is ready for shipment, we will send you an e-mail. This e-mail states the track & trace code of the delivery service (DHL), so that you can follow the status of your order the following morning. By logging into our website, you can also follow the progress of your order in the ‘My orders’ tab.

Does your product fit through your letter box? In that case, you will not receive a track & trace code.

If you are not at home when your product is delivered, you receive a note from the delivery service through your letter box asking you to arrange a new delivery time online or to inform them that you wish to collect the product from a service point.


Yes. You can specify a different delivery address in your account details. You can log into your account or create a new account here.
- For the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, the delivery time is approximately 3 working days.
- For Spain, Portugal and Italy, the delivery time is approximately 5-7 working days.
- For the United Kingdom and France, the delivery time is approximately 4-6 working days.
- For other countries, the delivery time is approximately 7 working days.
You will receive an e-mail containing a DHL track & trace code, which you can use to follow your order’s progress (this does not apply to orders that fit through a letterbox).To follow the progress of a product that you return to us, use the UPS track & trace code.
The delivery charges are not included in the sales prices. When returning a product, the postage is at your own expense. The delivery charges differ per country. The delivery charges are as follows:
- The Netherlands: € 3.50
- Belgium: € 4.50
- Germany: € 4.50
- Portugal: € 6.50
- Spain: € 6.50
- Italy: € 6.50
- Scandinavia: € 6.50
- Other countries: € 6.50
- United Kingdom: £ 5.00

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