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With the new 492985 Vacuum Sealer set

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Princess brings desirable household appliances to every home.

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Smart Dehumidifier

Smart Dehumidifier

Robot Vacuum Deluxe

Robot Vacuum Deluxe

Bread Maker Wake Up

Bread Maker Wake Up


A smart home with Princess.

  1. Do you want to have real-time control of your devices out-of-home?
  2. Choose for our smart home appliances.
  3. You can see what happens and have control at home at any time with your smart device. 

  4. - Get in conrol with your smart device

Princess 341500 Smart Glass Panel Heater

The latest kitchen and interior trends

Delightfully eating outside with Princess.

Are you eating together, with a group of people this evening? Princess outside dinning items are suitable for small and large groups, so invite your friends or family to dinner. The Princess outside dining collection brings anything you need for a nice evening outside dining with family and friends. Check out our recommendations!
View our outside dinning favorites
View our outside dinning favorites

Funcooking for the whole family

Funcooking for the whole family

What would be better than having an extensive social dinner with your family during the holidays or enjoying a nice dinner with friends during the weekend? Therefore, Princess brings funcooking to your home. You can enjoy your extensive social dinners without having to spend hours alone in the kitchen. With a raclatte you never have to choose between a grill and a griddle again. Or choose for a fondue for endless dining.
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