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It is always the right time for a toasted cheese sandwich, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With the Princess sandwich makers, you can easily make a delicious toasted sandwich for up to four people at a time.
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Princess 123002 Samosa and Snack maker
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Princess 127003 Sandwich Maker DeLuxe
Item No. 01.127003.01.001
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Princess 127005 Sandwich Maker Supreme
Item No. 01.127005.01.001
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Princess 127006 Sandwich Maker Supreme XXL
Item No. 01.127006.01.001
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Princess 127007 Deep Fill Sandwich Maker
Item No. 01.127007.01.001
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Princess 127002 Sandwich Maker
Item No. 01.127002.01.001
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    Sandwich Makers

    With the Princess sandwich makers you can easily make the most delicious sandwiches. For a small or a larger sandwiches, a Princess sandwich maker is available for every size. Early in the morning, at lunch or late in the evening.

    Because of the special shape you make the most delicious sandwiches with melted cheese that have a wonderfully crispy edge. The toasted sandwiches are easy to break due to the triangular shape, so you can dip the corners in a tasty sauce.

    The toasted sandwich irons from Princess are incredibly easy to use. After the plug has been plugged in, a red light will start to burn. When it is green it means that the sandwich maker is ready for use.

    The sandwich irons are made as compact as possible so that they will take up minimal space in your kitchen cupboards. Most toasted sandwich makers from Princess can also be set upright. So that they can always be stored somewhere. To minimize storage space, you can also wind the cord in the back of the device. Then you only have a rectangular device that you can easily store because you can place the device horizontally or vertically.

    Princess also has various Samosa makers in its range. You can use it to put the most delicious samosas on the table yourself. In addition to samosas, the devices can be used for various purposes. Thanks to the non-stick coating you can prepare different types of food with the appliance.

    The samosa makers are also designed in such a way that they can be stored as compact as possible. Because you can also roll up the cord in the appliance, the appliances hardly take up any space in your kitchen cupboard.

    Thanks to the capacity of 1200 watts, your dishes are ready in no time. And the non-stick coating has the added advantage that it is very easy to clean.

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