4 Useful tips for the Aerofryer

This kitchen gadget can no longer be ignored: the Aerofryer. Anything you can think of can be fried in the Aerofryer with only a tablespoon of oil (or less), which makes your fried food a lot healthier.

As true fans of our own Princess Aerofryers, we experiment a lot. From tarts to vegetable dishes and snacks, everything has been tried. And we love to exchange helpful tips and tricks. We would like to share our 4 best tips with you! Do you have any smart tips yourself? Please share them with us via Facebook or Instagram.

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Tip 1

Fill the basket up to 2/3

We fill our baskets up to 2/3 for the best and most crunchy result. This way, the hot air can easily reach the ingredients through the recesses in the basket, which makes your meal super crispy.

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Tip 2

Only use oil with self-cut potatoes

When it comes to frozen food, oil has already been used in the pre-process. It is therefore not necessary to use any extra oil during the baking process. However, we do recommend to use a tablespoon of oil for your self-cut potatoes or raw vegetables. With a little oil, your raw food gets a lot crispier and tastier.

But which oil is best to use in the Aerofryer? We prefer peanut oil or sunflower oil. Olive oil works as well, but be aware not to use extra virgin olive oil, because it can’t withstand the heat!

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Tip 3

Degrease your Aerofryer with lemon

Best tip ever to keep the inside of your Aerofryer clean: water and lemon! The most used parts of the Princess Aerofryers are easily cleaned with soapy water, but the inside of the pan is more difficult. This tip definitely works:

  1. Squeeze a lemon into a cup of water (make sure the cup fits into your Aerofryer basket);
  2. Place the cup in the basket of your Aerofryer;
  3. Cooking time and temperature: 20 minutes at 180 degrees;
  4. Open the appliance after 20 minutes and you will see that the fat has been released;
  5. Finally, wipe a cloth through the inside of your device and dry thoroughly.

Tadaa, your Aerofryer is like new again!

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Tip 4

Get the right accessories

With Princess Aerofryers you can prepare much more than just fries and snacks. Simply use the right accessories fitting your fryer! For example, our baking tin is ideal for baking pies, cakes, bread or gratinated dishes. The pizza pan helps you to easily bake pizzas, pancakes, quiche, tortillas and omelets. Our shelf rack helps you optimally use the available space, for example to bake buns, fish or hamburgers. Click here to order your favorite accessory.


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