Oil Radiators

Princess Oil Radiators, also known as oil-filled radiators, are reliable and effective heating devices that offer consistent warmth during the cold seasons. They work by heating a sealed reservoir of oil, which then radiates heat through metal fins. This method ensures gradual, even heating, without the noise of a fan. Our Oil radiators are portable, featuring wheels for easy maneuverability, and they come in various sizes to suit diverse room sizes. They offer customizable heat settings, timers, and thermostats, allowing precise control over temperature. These heaters are a cost-effective choice, as the oil retains heat, providing efficient warmth even after the unit is turned off.

Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, Princess Oil Radiators create a cozy and comfortable ambiance.

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Princess 348630 Smart Oil Filled Radiator
Item No. 01.348630.02.001
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Princess 348631 Smart Oil Filled Radiator
Item No. 01.348631.02.001
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