Convector Heaters

The Princess Convector Heaters are versatile and efficient heating solutions that excel in providing quick warmth to any room. Their design relies on a simple principle: air is drawn over a heating element, warmed, and then circulated back into the space. This convection process ensures even distribution of heat, eliminating cold spots. Our Convector heaters are compact, making them perfect for tight spaces, and they come in various styles to suit any interior. They offer adjustable temperature settings, timers, and precise control, enhancing energy efficiency.

Princess Convector heaters are a cost-effective and reliable choice, perfect for supplementing central heating systems or heating specific areas as needed.

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Princess 348100 Smart Glass Panel Heater 1000B
Item No. 01.348100.02.001
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Princess 348101 Smart Glass Panel Heater 1000W
Item No. 01.348101.02.001
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Princess 348150 Smart Glass Panel Heater 1500B
Item No. 01.348150.02.001
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Princess 348151 Smart Glass Panel Heater 1500W
Item No. 01.348151.02.001
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Princess 348152 Smart Glass Panel Heater 1500G
Item No. 01.348152.02.001
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Princess 348200 Smart Glass Panel Heater 2000B
Item No. 01.348200.02.001
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Princess 348201 Smart Glass Panel Heater 2000W
Item No. 01.348201.02.001
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Princess 348202 Smart Glass Panel Heater 2000G
Item No. 01.348202.02.001
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Princess 348320 Smart Convector Heater
Item No. 01.348320.02.001
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