Stylish kitchen appliances with the Princess Black Steel range!
Kitchen appliances are no longer just functional, but are also used to add value to the look of your kitchen. More and more kitchens and interiors contain matte black elements. Princess has converted this (lasting) trend into the new Black Steel collection.

Princess exists 25 years

Especially for its 25th anniversary, Princess brings the latest trend in kitchen design to the kitchen. The Black Steel collection consists of products with a modern, matte black look that fit perfectly into a modern interior. From a toaster to a coffee machine, they are now available in a stylish design. #instagram worthy

More and more living room

Kitchens become part of the living room, they become more attractive, more stylish and dark colors are more common. Do you find a black kitchen worktop too intense or is there no new kitchen planned for the time being? Then add black elements with the appliances from the Princess Black Steel collection. Or let them support the black character of your kitchen; they match perfectly!

... And affordable!

The Princess Black Steel collection consists so far of a kettle, blender, toaster, juicer and a coffee maker, but it is expected that the collection will soon expand and more types of articles in the same stylish matte black color will be available. The best part of all this is that they are accessible to everyone: they fall within the affordable price range of €45 to €90.

Our Black Steel Series

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