Do you want to provide your Princess kettle with accessoires or did a replaceable part of your kettle get broken? Do not worry. Fortunately we sell accessoires and spare parts for our kettles. For example, you will find watertanks and jars or something smaller like a filter. View the entire range of accessoires and spare parts for our kettles below. Are there any spare parts or accessories missing or not orderable? Please let us know by filling out this form. We will make an inventory of the incoming requests and check if we can source the parts or accessories.

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Princess 237000 Drip tray
Item No. 901.237000.069 In stock
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€ 10,95
Princess 237000 Strix water filter hot water dispenser
Item No. 901.237000.005 In stock
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€ 13,95
Princess 237000 Watertank
Item No. 901.237000.048 Low stock
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€ 9,95

Old assortment

Please find below our products which we do not sell anymore. You can still find them on our website to buy spare parts, find manuals or consult product information.
Princess 233022 Removable filter
Item No. 901.233022.005
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Princess 236007 Glass jar for kettle
Item No. 901.236007.006
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Princess 236028 Lid
Item No. 901.236028.008
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