Princess 339000 Robot Vacuum Deluxe

Item No. 01.339000.01.001
Take the hassle out of cleaning and let the Princess Deluxe Robot Vacuum Cleaner do all the hard work for you! This intelligent vacuum cleaner can be started with the press of a button or via the FREE App. Just schedule a starting time on the App and the vacuum will return to its dock automatically

Take the hassle out of cleaning and let the Princess Deluxe Robot Vacuum Cleaner do all the hard work for you! This intelligent vacuum cleaner can be started with the press of a button or via the FREE App. Just schedule a starting time on the App and the vacuum will return to its dock automatically when finished. A fun way to clean floors without any hassle!

Clean every spot
With smart sensor technology, the vacuum detects edges allowing the vacuum to move around chairs, tables and large objects efficiently. If the battery needs re-charging during vacuuming, this intelligent vacuum returns to the docking station to re-charge and then automatically continues cleaning your floors! An easy and efficient way to get your home spic and span.

Control via the HomeWizard Cleaner App
The Princess Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is part of the PRO Series and uses intelligent HomeWizard software, allowing you to schedule cleaning times, while you are away from home. Forgotten that all important visit from your parents-in-law? Just schedule your vacuum to clean while you are not at home via the App. The HomeWizard Cleaner App gets updated regularly with brand new functionalities that make your robotic cleaner even smarter. Even your privacy is taken care of, as the app is developed in Europe so your data is secure.

High suction power and two corner brushes
The Princess Deluxe Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a little powerhouse! The vacuum has high suction power and three different settings. The low setting reduces the noise level and is ideal while you are at home. The high setting is more suitable for vacuuming while you are away from home. The vacuum also comes with two different brushes for hard floors or carpets.

High Efficiency filter and 500ml dust container
The robotic vacuum cleaner has a 500ml dust compartment and is easy to clean by opening the top lid and removing the container. Dust emissions are filtered through two filters, one of which is the High Efficiency filter, which makes it an excellent choice of vacuum for people suffering from allergies.

PRO Series and Alexa
The PRO series connects seamlessly with a wide range of smart devices on your smartphone and are thus app and voice controlled via Alexa. The PRO series includes products such as smart light bulbs, smoke detectors, water detectors and plugs. All these products make your home smart so you have more time for the good things in life. Welcome to a smarter future!

What's in the box
Princess Deluxe Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, docking station, battery, charging cable, two floor brushes, four corner brushes, dust container with filter and High Efficiency filter, cleaning brush for dust compartment and an instruction manual.

Reasons to choose the Princess Deluxe Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Intelligent vacuum cleaner that can be controlled by app and voice - taking the hard work out of cleaning!
  • Free HomeWizard Cleaner app - easily schedule cleaning or just start the vacuum with the press of a button.
  • This robotic vacuum cleaner is for everyone who hates vacuuming but loves clean floors.
  • Cleans both carpet and hard floors and can glide over doorsills up to 2 cm.
  • Smart sensors - detects obstacles and stairs so it can find its way around. A fast way to get your home spic and span!
On/off switch Yes
Item is or works on batteries Yes
Volume(l) 0.5
Collision bumper Yes
Frequency(Hz) 50
Quality mark EMC Yes
Cord storage No
HEPA filter class H13 HEPA
Using time(min) 90
Noise level(dB) 65
Number of products in package 1
Charging time(h) 5
Euroslot No
Domotica platform Alexa Amazon Google Assistant
Colour Black
Eco-mobilier FR NA
Suitable for type of plug 5 Pin plug (Perilex)
Wi-Fi Yes
Number of wheels 2
HEPA filter Yes
Automatic cord rewinder No
Cordless Yes
Type of Wi-Fi network Single-band (2,4 GHz)
Power plug type C - CEE 7/16 (flat plug)
Docking station Yes
Smarthome function No
Speed settings 3
Remote control Yes
App available Yes
Type of vacuum cleaner Robot
Easy to clean Yes
Quality mark KEMA No
Wattage(W) 15
Reviews (5)
  • Top saugroboter
    Wir können saugroboter nur empfehlen wir hatten einen Gerät von Aldi was auch gut war kein Vergleich gegen den neuen Robo wir haben zwei Hunde und der Robo saugt sehr Gründlich und mit der App macht es richtig Spaß
  • Very pleased
    This is my first robot vac, but I'm so far very impressed. Set up was a doddle, and I had it connected to the app on my android phone, my home WiFi and Google home in around 10-15 mins from taking it out the box. You can command it to start and dock by voice command through Google home (once you have the vac, app, account and Google home all configured together). Have only done a little test so but was very impressed with the app function and just how much it picked up on the maiden voyage. Good bit of kit.
  • Exceeded expectations
    Very easy to set up and use. Very quiet compared to conventional cleaners. Was very thorough , even going behind doors to clean. Did my entire apartment in about an hour and 15 mins. Only downside was it wouldn't connect to the app but as I'm not likely to want to use it while I am out this is not a problem. I accept for some it might be though.
  • Working very well
    It's working fine! Before the first use we cleaned all the house, then this little one is start. And then a big surprise is come out form the dust box! It was full! Great job. Highly recommended,
  • As good as my dyson
    I have a had a robot vacuum cleaner in the past but it was only for hard floors, not Wi-Fi or much good, having purchased the Princess a optimistic if it was worth the money and would do the job... Verdict I’m impressed and very happy so much so I’m named it DAVE... I had a problem initially pairing with my mobile but once I changed my router to 2.4ghz as it was set to 5ghz and contacted the technical support team who guided me, I have can now operate Dave from my phone app. Upon using Dave for the 1st time I was amazed how much dirt that it picked up, indicating to me that it actually sucks up dirt. Emptying Dave is also very easy and I recommend doing after every use. I tested Dave on my landing and the sensors worked everything i came to the stairs it would reverse and go elsewhere. Once Dave has finished it automatically returns back to base, it’s slightly noisily but that’s only to be expected but not as noisy as upright vacuum cleaners so much so I can still listen to my TV whilst Dave is cleaning the floor .The app is easy to use, one important thing to bear in mind that if you are using Android you can’t schedule a time for Dave to come on, until the app is updated you have to schedule it and add 1 hour if you are in the UK as Dave is controlled from The Netherlands which is 1 hour ahead of the UK. You can schedule Dave to come on when you want if you have an iphone app. When it comes on it will use the basic program thus you can’t set it to any other program at present. When pairing Dave with Alexia as the instructions are not clear. Go to home, click on the 3 bars top left of app, click on skills, type in cleaner in search bar and you will then see home wizard and follow instructions from there, at present you can only instruct Dave to start and stop, it won’t go back to base.
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