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Nothing is more delicious than home-made bread. With the Princess bread makers, you can add your favourite ingredients in the evening so that you have warm, freshly baked bread in the morning.
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    Bread Makers

    Nothing is more delicious than baking your own bread. With the Princess bread baking machines you add your favorite ingredients in the evening and you have a warm freshly baked bread in the morning.

    Thanks to the pre-programmed baking programs, the machines are suitable for all kinds of bread, such as banana bread, raisin bread, rye bread or spelled bread. You can adjust the color of the crust to light, medium or dark. Do you suffer from a gluten allergy? With the special gluten-free program, even baking gluten-free bread is easy.

    Always the ideal baking program

    With 19 pre-programmed baking programs, the Princess bread maker is suitable for all types of bread, but also for jam and yogurt. Make healthy spelled bread or opt for a creamy banana bread. Thanks to the unique gluten-free setting, baking gluten-free bread is very easy. Ideal if you have a gluten allergy.

    Keep control of the entire baking process yourself.

    All baking programs can also be adjusted to your own wishes and desires. With the easy-to-use digital display you can easily adjust the settings. Even adjust the browning level of the crust. Thanks to the lid with viewing window you can monitor the baking process, so you will never have burnt bread again. The Princess bread maker also has a quick program if you want to bake bread quickly.

    Extensive selection of baking programs

    You can easily select the most optimal program via the handy display of the Princess bread maker. There are 7 institutions for bread such as cornbread, rice bread, sweet, gluten-free, French and two different extra fast programs. Jam, cake, yogurt, rice wine, porridge, glutinous rice and only proofing or kneading are also possible.

    Wake up with fresh bread

    With the digital timer you can put all the ingredients in the bread maker in the evening and set it so that it starts to prepare the bread at 6 o'clock in the morning. Thanks to the keeping warm function, the Princess bread maker keeps the bread warm for a long time after baking so that you always have fresh and warm bread in the morning.

    Princess bread baking machines are also suitable for making jam, yogurt and cake.

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