Every kitchen must have a good mixer. Whether it is a hand blender, a food processor, a chopper or a semi-professional kitchen mixer with a bowl: Princess mixers do the hard work for you. Which mixer would be the best for you?
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    Mistura Circular

    Tampa com abertura para enchimento


    Função Turbo


    Hand blender

    A hand blender is ideal for puréeing and grinding ingredients. For example, puréeing tomatoes for tomato soup. If you mainly use a mixer to make soup, to purée or to prepare mousse, then choose a hand blender such as the The Beast, which is very powerful. It is extremely powerful and takes up very little space in your kitchen cupboard.


    The Princess choppers are small, but impressive. And they are also extremely efficient. If you mainly make pesto, hummus or other sauces, then a compact chopper is ideal for you. They are also extremely suitable for crushing nuts, thanks to the sharp, stainless steel knives.

    Food processor

    Thanks to its various attachments, a food processor is ideal for mixing, grating, chopping, grinding and blending ingredients. It is a real all-rounder. You easily add ingredients during the process via the opening at the top. Besides the various grinding discs, jugs, dough hooks and beaters, our 15-in-1 food process also has a citrus press. Ideal if you have a large kitchen.

    Stand mixer with mixing bowl

    A stand mixer with a bowl is perfect if you bake a lot of cakes or pastries. This appliance is excellent at mixing, kneading and beating ingredients. It can make batter and dough and also whip cream. The Princess mixers with a bowl are available in two different sizes: 4.5 litres and 6 litres. Both appliances come with a set of beaters and a dough hook, all with a Teflon coating. The hand mixers also have various settings for the optimal result.

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