Princess 01.182070.01.001 Horno Aerofreidora DeLuxe

N.º de artículo 01.182070.01.001
Finding it difficult to choose between an convection oven or an airfryer? Stop worrying and get the Princess 182070 Aerofryer Oven Deluxe. This Aerofryer Oven combines the optimal hot air convection of an oven with the handy compact sizing of an air fryer. Never had your fried foods taste so good

Finding it difficult to choose between an convection oven or an airfryer? Stop worrying and get the Princess 182070 Aerofryer Oven Deluxe. This Aerofryer Oven combines the optimal hot air convection of an oven with the handy compact sizing of an air fryer. Never had your fried foods taste so good and healthy! The rotating mesh basket automatically rotates your French fries so no more shaking is required for optimal results.

Healthy frying
The hot circulating air of the Princess Aerofryer Oven makes the use of oil no longer a necessity while preparing fries, meat, fish and vegetables. This means you can cook more healthy, while still enjoying all the food you and your family love. Even snacks, cakes or bread come out crispy and delicious. Next to this, the Aerofryer Oven also has a dehydrating function for fruits and vegetables. The best way to prepare healthy snacks like fruit leather or vegetable crisps for yourself or your kids.

The latest technology in hot air frying for healthy frying
The Princess Aerofryer Oven Deluxe combines hot, circulating air with the perfect cooking temperature so you can use the Aerofryer to fry, bake, grill, roast. The High Speed Air Convention Technology ensures that you don’t require oil to get a perfect and crispy result. No oil also means no mess so you can leave it in your kitchen for everyday use. Next to the ten preprogrammed settings you can also adjust the temperature manually between 80˚C and 200˚C for a perfect result. This makes it easy to prepare bread rolls, meat balls and quiches in the air fryer. Thanks to the included three grills racks you can fit a lot of products at the same time in the oven.

Easy to use
The digital touch screen makes selecting the correct temperature or program very easy. Next to this, the 60 minute timer function and overheat protection make the Aerofryer Oven safe to use. The special developed handle for the rotating basket can be used to remove this basket and empty it above a plate without having to touch any surface.

Extra luxurious edition
The Princess Aerofryer Oven even has a rotisserie skewer so you can cook the best grilled chicken at home. An average size whole chicken can fit in the oven thanks to the 11 liter volume. The constant rotation combined with the hot air technology ensures juicy meat and a crispy outside. Next to this, the 1800 watt power makes sure the oven heats up very quickly.

Preprogrammed settings
Thanks to the preprogrammed setting you can select the correct temperature and baking time with just the touch of a button. The Princess Aerofryer Oven has 10 preprogrammed settings for fries, steak, cake, pizza, bread, fish, shrimps, chicken, rotisserie and dehydrating. Try them all out and see all the divers possibilities you have with an Aerofryer Oven. From fries to cooking meat, fish and vegetables with less to no oil, all is possible.

What’s in the box:
Princess Aerofryer Oven, baking plate, 3 grill racks, rotisserie skewer, rotisserie basket, handle for rotisserie skewer, handle for rotisserie basket, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Aerofryer Oven Deluxe:

  • Prepare the best and most crispy chips thanks to the rotating basket with handy handle
  • 11 L volume and 1800 Watt power so you can cook your whole family French fries or a complete meal at once
  • Digital touchscreen with easy tap buttons for setting and adjusting the temperature from 30˚ tot 200˚
  • 10 Preprogrammed settings you can use for preparing French fries, dehydrate fruit and vegetables or heat up a pizza
  • Thanks to the High Speed Air Convection Technology the Aerofryer Oven is an ideal alternative for a regular convection oven.
Accesorios Bandeja para migas Cesta para freír Mango Rejilla para horno Rotisserie
Item necesita baterias No
Bandeja para migas extraíble
Capacidad(l) 11 l
Frecuencia(Hz) 50 / 60 Hz
Apagado automático
Marca de calidad EMC
Asa(s) de transporte
Apto para aperitivos
Niveles de estante 5
Incluye recetas No
Panel de control digital
Número de productos en el paquete 1
Potencia(W) 1800 W
Voltaje(V) 230 V
Cesta extraíble
Euroslot No
Sistema de operación NA
Luz(ces) indicadora(s) de funcionamiento No
Número de raciones 6
Función de temporizador
Color Negro
Apto para uso en camping No
Eco-móvil FR NA
Tipo de freidora Aire caliente
Recubrimiento antiadherente de alta calidad
Termostato regulable
Apto para tipo de enchufe Conexión 5 pin (Perilex)
Pantalla LCD
Ajustes preprogramados 10
Tipo de conexión wifi Sin red Wi-Fi
Apto para lavavajillas No
Temperatura máxima(°C) 200 °C
Tipo de enchufe F - CEE 7/4 (Schuko)
Programa de cocina automatizado
Libre de BPA
Asas de tacto frío
Número de programas 10
Piezas aptas para lavavajillas
Material principal ABS
Fuente de alimentación Electricidad
Longitud del cable de alimentación(m) 1,2 m
Función para mantener el calor No
App disponible No
Protección de sobrecalentamiento
Señal de finalización
Marca de calidad KEMA No
Base antideslizante
Potencia(W) 1800 W
Comentarios (5)
    It is the perfect alternative between a normal oven and an air fryer. I use it almost every day and every dish I cook is always delicious and well prepared.
  • Aerofryer best thing ever
    Its a amazing product, i already used it 4 times i made chips, dry banana, pizza and i even try one of their receipt , cinnamon rolls amazing. They have a lot of nice recipes and easy to make. My husband loves it, he never makes food but when the Aerofryer arrived he was the first one to try and use it, its really easy to use even for my husband that never cooks.
  • Super
    Hele fijne airfryer en oven. Maar lampje binnenin is defect , hoe en waar te vervangen nergens te lezen.
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