A kettle is used to quickly boil water to make, for example, a cup of tea or coffee, or soup.
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    A kettle is used to quickly boil water to make, for example, a cup of tea or coffee, or soup. Although they always do the same thing, there are kettles in many different designs and sizes. Therefore, first think carefully about your ideal kettle.


    Do you have a large family? Then choose a kettle with a large volume (more than 1 litre). The most popular kettle is a stainless steel model with a volume of 1.7 litres. With this kettle, you can boil enough water for the whole family. Do you live alone or do you not need the kettle so often? Then consider purchasing a small kettle, such as the Princess Kettle Stainless Steel Deluxe, with a volume of 1 litre.


    The greater the power, the faster the water boils. Almost all of the Princess kettles have a high wattage (> 2,000 W), so that the water boils in no time.

    Attractive design

    If you are looking for a kettle that looks attractive on your worktop, choose a glass or stainless steel kettle. Also very trendy: the copper Safe Touch kettle. It goes perfectly in a Scandinavian style kitchen.

    Adjustable temperature

    Not all types of tea need boiling water. Green tea, for example, tastes better with water at 70-75 C, while white tea tastes better with water at 80-85 C. Are you looking for a kettle where you can set the temperature yourself? Then choose the Digital Kettle Stainless Steel Deluxe or the transparent Water & Tea Cooker, which both have temperature settings. The Water & Tea Cooker works via induction, so it is dishwasher proof.

    Tip: a 360-degree rotatable kettle is useful if both left-handed and right-handed people live in the same house.

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